Our Rates & Prices
Here at Handsome Cabs we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional level of service while still maintaining the most competitive rates of any local taxi service. Not only can we boast the lowest starting fare but on average we beat all other fares as well.

Get a Quote

For us to list every price on here would take up far too much of your time having to read through and find the price you need. So to make things simpler you can use our online booking service to get a quote by clicking HERE. Choose the date a time of your journey and then where you’d like picking up from and then where you wish to be dropped off, then just click the “Get Quote” button. If the price of your requested journey is not displayed, please call or email us your request.


Business Account Holders

For our customers who hold a business account with us we offer the following in your package.

  • 30 day credit facility which is completely free.
  • An itemised monthly invoice detailing all fares.
  • Very competitive rates
  • Vehicle priority over non account customers.

Airport Transfers

As you can see below find below a list of all the UK major airports and their standard fares

Airport Car Price Bus Price
Humberside From £45.00 From £68.00
Doncaster From £50.00 From £75.00
East Midlands From £65.00 From £98.00
Leeds/Bradford From £100.00 From £150.00
Birmingham From £110.00 From £165.00
Manchester From £125.00 From £188.00
Stansted From £140.00 From £210.00
Luton From £140.00 From £210.00
Heathrow From £180.00 From £270.00
Gatwick From £215.00 From £323.00

Please be aware that these fares are based from Lincoln City centre and prices may differ if you wish to travel from another area. Also, all major UK airports now charge parking fees for pick-ups and drop-offs so for an accurate quote please call our booking team who will be able to provide more details.